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26 Jun 2018

A Cost Analysis for Using Recycled Irrigation Runoff Water in Container Nursery Production: A Southern California Nursery Case Study

Pitton, B.J.L., Haver, D.L., Oki, L.R. (UC Davis), Hall, C.R. (Texas A&M), and S.A. White (Clemson University)

Recycling irrigation runoff water reduced costs for a southern California container plant nursery originally using expensive high-quality water. Water cost for municipal supplied water was $2.26 to $2.91 per 1000 gallons. Water capturing and recycling system construction and infrastructure accounted for a large portion of recycled water cost resulting in $0.92 to $1.21 per 1000 gallons. However, rebates and a grant reduced total and per volume recycled water cost to $0.43 and $0.53 per 1000 gallons. Recycled water is a viable alternative to many expensive water sources and public funds facilitate adoption of recycled water for irrigation.

12 Jun 2018

Good Timing

Fernandez, Thomas R. (Michigan State University)

An earlier article discusses how much water a substrate can hold and how much to replenish at various depletion levels, but not how quickly plants use water. A better understanding of plant water use will allow irrigation scheduling based on the plants rather than a set volume of water.

16 May 2018

Where Do Nutrients Go When You Irrigate

Fernandez, Thomas R. (Michigan State University)

This article covers irrigation management with an emphasis on nutrient retention.  Prevent over-irrigation by understanding how water is held in containers.  There are many links provided to assist you in skillful irrigation management.

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